Many homeowners may be unaware that replacing roofing and siding at the same time is a winning strategy for saving money. The preparation which goes into both roofing and siding is similar, so it makes sense to prepare for just one job instead of two. Here are four key benefits to this dual roofing and siding process.

1. Easier Planning

Since siding and roofing are both a part of the home’s identity, they go together. When only one is new, the home can look unfinished. It’s easier to plan the renovation if you find a contractor that has experience with siding, windows, and roofing. You will save time by not having to research and evaluate a second contractor. Both jobs require inspection prior to the work, so again, it’s more efficient to conduct just one inspection.

2. Less Labor Costs

A major reason why simultaneous roofing and siding works is it means you only have to prepare for installation once. That means you only have to pay for labor once as well. The longer it takes to install a roof or siding, the more it costs.  

3. Energy Savings

Once you fix air leaks throughout your home, your energy bills will drop. It will take less heat in the winter to warm your home and less air conditioning in the summer for cooling. New siding improves insulation, which will help keep cold or hot air from entering your home. Remember that roofs and walls work together as a system to protect the home from environmental elements.

4. Peace of Mind

Fixing one problem while letting another one persist is usually never as effective as fixing both problems at once. You will no longer have to worry about rattling windows, interior frost obscuring your outside view, or winter drafts. You will be relieved to no longer have to look at chipped or faded paint, dry rot, and stains or missing shingles. Instead, you’ll see a fresh appearance.

The best way to move forward with home improvement for siding and roofing is to get them replaced at the same time by a trusted team specialist. Working with an experienced, certified and licensed contractor who uses high-quality materials and tools is the key to a durable and economical solution. Contact us at LB Solutions, LLC to learn more about creating a more vibrant appearance for your home.