If your home needs a new roof, composite roofing is definitely worth your consideration.

Composite roofing is made from asphalt, tar paper roofing, shake, laminate, wood, slate and many other materials. When these items are mixed together, they create a shingle that is superior to others. The variety of the materials used allows homeowners diverse composite roofing options. While there are plenty of shingle options on the market, there are three big reasons to consider composite roofing for your home.

Reason 1: Outstanding Durability

Composite roofing gives you the durability you want in a roof. You don’t want to install a new roof only to have problems with mold or algae later. Composite roofing resists those things. It is also impact resistant and gives you the UV protection you need to maintain energy efficiency in your home. These roofs can even last up to 50 years, making them a sound investment.

Reason 2: Overall Value

Composite roofing, much to your surprise, actually costs less than some of the other roofing materials on the market. Not only does it cost less, but it deteriorates slower and lasts longer. It even looks good long term so you don’t have to worry about failing aesthetics. With little maintenance to do, you get an overall value that works for you up front and in the future.

Reason 3: Element Resistance

Composite roofing can resist just about anything you throw at it. It’s wind resistant, for example as well as fire, impact, and fade resistant. Because of its ability to resist anything that comes its way, it also comes with a stronger warranty than other products, which gives you even further peace of mind about the decision.

If you are considering some sort of composite roof in Edina, MN, contact the local experts, LB Solutions. We know the Minnesota conditions and we won’t recommend anything unless it’s something we would do on our own homes in the area. Give us a call and we’ll go over even more benefits of this type of roofing so you can get a clear understanding of just how great it can be for your home. Composite roofs cost less and gives your home more than many other materials. Let’s take a look at the goals you have for your home and see what type of roof will help you meet them.

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