The cost of replacing a metal roof can vary widely depending on your location, the style of your home, and your preferred quality and aesthetics. Metal roofs are increasingly gaining popularity in residential homes since they are both practical and look good. They also withstand weather issues such as rain, snow, ice, and hail damage much better than other roofing materials. Generally, here are a few factors which will determine the cost of replacing your metal roof:

1. The Complexity of the Job

One critical aspect which drives the cost of replacing a metal roof is the difficulty of the job. How steep is the pitch of the roof? Do you have multiple layers of shingles? Some homes might have two or more layers of shingles, which means they would all need to be torn off, resulting in higher labor costs.

2. The Scope of Work

If you’re going to replace all the underlayment, flashings (wall, chimney, and valleys), ice and water shields, and drip edges the cost of replacement will increase. Tearing off old roofing materials and replacing the decking will also add to the replacement cost. 

Always read through the estimate to ensure your roofer will deliver everything in the quote. For example, will they tear off your roof and haul away the garbage or they will simply supply the metal and replace the roof? All these things affect the cost of roof replacement and will help you weed out inexperienced storm chasers from professional contractors.

3. The Size of Your Roof

Of course, roofing companies usually calculate the cost of your potential new roof by the square footage of your roof and the cost per square of your preferred metal. Depending on the style of your property and architectural details such as skylights, the cost can vary significantly. Always have your roofing contractor physically inspect the roof before issuing an estimate to avoid surprise changes in costs.

When deciding on what type of metal roofing system to purchase and install, always remember a metal roof is literally an investment which can last a lifetime. Work with a reputable local contractor who transparently answers any questions you may have about their estimates. LB Solutions, LLC is your ultimate roofing partner in the Twin Cities (MN). Contact us today to talk with one of our experienced consultants!