Winter weather in Minnesota often brings heavy snow and ice which can cause damage to your roof. Ice dams form at the edge of the roof and prevent accumulated snow on the roof from melting and draining off. Ice dams can cause water to back up and leak into your home. This causes significant damage to attics, ceilings, walls, and insulation.

Cold winter storms which cause roof damage are common in Savage and surrounding areas. Heavy snow loads, ice dams, strong winds, and fallen tree limbs cause major damages. Many homeowners don’t know who to call or what to do when roof damage occurs. The cost of repairs is a big concern.

Will Insurance Cover Ice Dam Damage?

Generally, most homeowner’s insurance policies list “all perils” as covered. This means you’re covered for any type of loss, including ice dam damage. Some policies have water damage exclusions. However, they usually refer to water damage from HVAC units, plumbing, appliances, and ground-level sources.

Will Insurance Cover Roof Repairs?

Insurance provisions under “acts of God” refer to natural disasters outside of a person’s control. Storms, flash floods, earthquakes, and tornadoes fall under these provisions. Roof damage caused by “acts of God” are usually covered by insurance.

What Extent of Ice Dam Damage is Covered?

  • Roof damage to sheathing and fascia
  • Damage to roof shingles and exterior siding
  • Damage to insulation in the attic and walls
  • Damage to the home’s interior caused by leaks
  • Damage caused by mold and mildew

Like most insurance claims, the insurer will require proof of damages. This includes a list of damages, repair costs, invoices or receipts, and photographs of the damage. The insurer will likely send an insurance adjuster to assess your home’s damage.

How Can Ice Dam Damage be Prevented?

You can prevent ice dams by removing snow from your roof and keeping your gutters clean during the winter. Proper insulation and venting in your attic will prevent heat loss. Ice dams are often caused by roof heat at higher levels causing snow to melt and run down the roof.

If ice dams have damaged your roof, contact our roofing experts at LB Solutions. We specialize in storm damage and ice dam removal. We also do roof repairs and replacement in the Twin Cities. We take pride in providing beautiful, quality products and trusted dependable services.