When is the best time to consider roof replacement on your Edina home?

Most people will assume the correct answer is, “the summer,” but they would be wrong. To begin considering roof replacement, you need to back your calendar up, to much earlier in the year. In fact, spring is an ideal time to begin planning an efficient, effective roof replacement for your home.


According to website Weather and Climate, Edina endures “brisk” winters with highs in the 20°F range and “enjoys” June, July and August high temperatures hovering in the 80°F range. Roofing work needs to be done in hot weather to prevent stiffness in fiberglass-asphalt shingles and to allow their adhesive strips to attach.

With other roofing types, such as beautiful slate or composite roofing, the installation season is a bit longer. Spring is a great time for these eye-catching roofing styles to be part of your roof replacement plan.

Roof Condition

One more tough Edina winter means late spring or early summer is really optimum for a full roof replacement. Rather than spend a lot of money on costly roof maintenance for a roof that will not limp through next winter, invest instead in a new, energy-efficient roof.

Several tell-tales can signal that Edina roof replacement is a must-do summer chore:

  • Shingle granules deposited in your gutters
  • Missing, loose, torn or curled shingles
  • Broken or cracked slates
  • Water infiltration

With a call to your reputable roofing contractor, you can quickly learn if a short-term roof repair will give you more time to decide on the best future time for full roof replacement, or if you should replace your roof now.

Contractor Scheduling

By working with a local, reliable roofing partner during the less-busy springtime, you can lock in a reasonable cost, arrange financing, and get the prime pick of the contractor’s summer schedule.

Contractors can complete many roof replacement jobs in around three days, sometimes a bit more or less depending on the complexity of the roof profile. Your ability and willingness to plan for a distant date, while being flexible because of weather delays, makes the work easier for you and your contractor.

Contact us at LB Solutions, LLC, today to schedule a preliminary appointment. Our roofing representative can take a peek at your peaks, help you determine the right time for roof replacement, and work with you on selecting the right replacement option.

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