You’ve decided to update your home’s siding to give it an updated appearance as well as increased protection from the elements. How can homeowners prepare for new siding?

Learn about Local Codes

Before you speak with a contractor, take some time to learn about local codes regarding the installation of siding. You can visit your local code enforcement office and ask them for information.

An experienced siding contractor should be able to answer your questions. By being familiar with them yourself, you can know if a contractor is being honest or not.

Hire a Reliable Siding Contractor

Look for a contractor who has experience installing the type of siding you have in mind. Even the best materials won’t give your home the protection it deserves if it is installed incorrectly.

Make sure the contractor is properly licensed and insured. Having these in place shows the contractor takes his job and reputation seriously. Both of them also act as protection for you and your property.

Check the contractor’s references. Call each one and ask a few questions. Would you hire this contractor again? Were they professional? Did they do the work to your expectations? Did they show up on time? Did they clean up the work site? Did the job come in on budget?

Prepare Your Yard and Driveway

Before the day installation starts, you need to do a few things outside your home to get ready.

  • Remove lawn ornaments, furniture, and other items that will be in the way of the installation team.
  • Park your cars elsewhere. The contractor will have work trucks, need room for a dumpster, and will need a place to unload and stage the siding material.
  • Trim trees and shrubs around the area where you are having siding installed.

Prepare Your Home’s Interior

You have a few things to do inside your home.

  • Remove any wall hangings from the walls. The work crews are going to doing a lot of pounding and it can shake things off the wall.
  • Relocate any valuables or knick-knacks that you keep near the walls to prevent damage.

Taking time to get prepared will ensure your siding installation goes smoothly. If you need a quote for your siding job, contact LB Solutions LLC today.