Replacing a roof can be expensive, but it’s not something you should put off.

Putting off a roof replacement isn’t a great idea for any number of reasons. Your roof may be structurally unsound, which means it could be unsafe should it experience any more damage. You also risk leaving your home vulnerable to potential water damage. Of course, before you replace your roof, you’ll want to have some idea of how much it will cost. The following are some of the factors that determine the cost of a roof replacement.

Size of Your Roof

Bigger roofs require more materials and will take longer to replace. As such, the bigger your roof is, the more it will cost. However, the square feet of your roof isn’t necessarily the same as your home square feet. Your roof has a lot of complicated architectural details (such as various sloping angles and features such as skylights) which will require more materials, thereby affecting the cost.

Slope of Your Roof

If the slope of your roof is particularly steep, it’s going to be much more difficult to replace. The contractors are going to have to wear safety harnesses since they won’t be able to safely traverse the roof and installation will be more difficult since materials can’t be placed on the roof before or during installation.

Roofing materials

The type of roofing material being installed affects the price greatly. For example, for basic asphalt roofing, you can expect to pay anywhere from $120 to $400 for every 100 square feet. However, slate shingles are likely to cost much more at around $800 to $4,000 per 100 square feet.

Time of year

During busier times of the year, such as the summer, replacing your roof will be more expensive. You’re likely to get a better price during slow times, such as winter. However, there may be delays depending on the weather.

These are the factors a roofer will take into account when providing you with a roof replacement estimate. Be sure to contact us at LB Solutions in Savage, MN, to request a free estimate today. We serve the entire Minneapolis/ St. Paul Metro area.

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