According to a study by Verisk, an insurance analytics firm, 44 percent of homes and buildings in Minnesota experienced hail damage during 2017. This places Minnesota fourth in the country for hail damage, which includes damage to residential roofs.

How Does Hail Damage Roofs?

Roof damage from hail can vary in severity depending on its size, jaggedness of its edges, and the amount of wind during the storm. While it could be possible that a softball-sized piece of hail could punch a hole in your roof, damage from smaller hail might not be so obvious. But it doesn’t mean hail can’t cause major problems for your roof

Be Proactive about Potential Hail Damage

First, it’s always a good idea to review your homeowner’s insurance to confirm if you are covered for hail damage. If you aren’t, you may want to consider adding the coverage to your policy before storms hit. Otherwise, you may have to cover the damage out-of-pocket.

When a hail storm occurs, whether you know your roof is damaged or not, take a photo of a piece of the hail before it melts. Place a coin next to the hail to show a size comparison. This will be helpful with your insurance claim.

Once it is safe to go outside, do a visual inspection from the ground of your roof. Do not go up on your roof! If your roof has asphalt or composition shingles, you may see black marks where the hail hit. You could see a significant loss of granules which has now left exposed areas of your roof’s underlayment. You may see an accumulation of granules near your downspouts. In some areas, your shingles may now look shiny. If you have wood shingles, you may see dents or splits that look orange or brown.

Look around your property for other signs of hail damage, including vinyl siding, windows, air conditioner, and vehicles. Take photos of this damage to support your insurance claim for your roof.

Turn to the Professionals

Hail damage can sometimes be difficult to detect. And left unchecked, minor damage to your shingles or underlayment can grow into an expensive problem resulting in roof leaks, mold, and water damage. Your insurance will probably not cover this damage. If you know or suspect your Savage, MN roof is damaged, contact the professionals at LB Solutions, LLC for a roof inspection after a hail storm.