The chances are good you’ll need to replace your roof at some point.

Most roofs reach a point where repairs aren’t enough to prevent leaking and other problems, and getting a new one is the only option.

If a new roof is in your near future, taking steps to prepare for the installation is an essential part of the process. The following steps will benefit everyone involved – your family, your roofing contractor, and even your neighbors.

Clear the way

Your roofer needs unobstructed access to the roof, which may mean trimming branches or even removing shrubs and bushes. It’s also likely you’ll need to keep your driveway clear. It’s never a bad idea to let your neighbors know you’re having a new roof installed. Also, clear the space around your home in case materials accidentally fall off the roof, making sure outdoor furniture, plants, etc., are out of the way.

Find out if roofing materials arrive before the installation

Shingles and other roofing materials may be delivered before the actual work begins. Ask your roofing contractor if they’ll need a place to store their materials before the installation start date.

Remove hanging wall items

A roofing installation may cause vibrations that travel through the house and knock loose items hanging on the walls or shelves. Don’t put those belongings back in place until after the installation.

Keep kids and pets out of the way

Play it safe by making sure your kids and pets are safely outside of the work zone at all times. Construction equipment and materials can pose a hazard to children. You may want to keep them inside as much as possible, or even make arrangements for them to stay with a friend or relative.

Other steps you can take before installation

There are numerous other things you can do before the installation of your new roof, such as covering your flower beds and landscaping with plastic or tarps to protect them from dust and debris. You may also want to cut your grass short so your roofers can easily see roofing nails during the clean-up process.

Perhaps the most important thing you can do before a roof installation is to hire the best roofing contractor. Our team at LB Solutions Roofing Services meets the highest standards for reliability, installation, and professionalism.