If a storm knocked down a tree and put a big hole in your roof, you’d get it repaired right away. If you discover a minor roof leak after a storm, you might be tempted to leave the repairs until later. Instead, it’s smart to immediately call a licensed professional who knows how to repair leaky roof shingles. By having your roof inspected and repaired without delay, you can minimize damage, among these other things.

Minimize Future Damage

Over time, a lot of damage can result from even a small amount of water getting into your roof system. Taking care of a roof leak promptly can help you avoid extra, repairs to fix interior and exterior damage.

  • Deteriorated roof decking
  • Buckled exterior cladding
  • Decayed fascia and trim boards
  • Weakened rafters, floor joists, and wall framing
  • Ruined attic insulation
  • Stained, spongy drywall
  • Blistered, peeling paint
  • Water-damaged interior trim

Avoid Insurance Headaches

You might think your homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost of repairing leak-related damage, even if it happens down the road. Unfortunately, most insurance policies have a clause requiring homeowners to fix storm damage quickly. This means if you haven’t “mitigated further harm” by stopping a leak, your insurer may be off the hook.

Protect Your Belongings

You likely have off-season and treasured items stowed away in leak-vulnerable spots like the attic or closets you don’t check on often. When you have a leaky roof and fix it right away, you won’t have to worry about finding stained or saturated photo albums, musty suitcases, or ruined holiday decorations later on.

Head Off Mold Growth

Solving a roof leak sooner rather than later can keep mold from invading your home. When there’s no moisture to help mold get established, you won’t notice unpleasant odors or develop health issues like allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Plus, you won’t face the high cost of remediating wide-spread mold.

Prevent Potential Fires

Did you know there’s a connection between water coming in through a roof leak and the risk of fire? If water saturates a junction box, outlet, or light fixture in your attic or a wall, simply flipping a switch can trigger an electrical fire. By getting a leak repaired quickly, you eliminate the danger and keep your family safe from harm.

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