When your roof has sustained damage which goes beyond treating a small area with a patch, can you have your roof replaced in sections, or is it an all-or-nothing deal? Whether the damage has been caused by a windstorm or a fallen tree, it’s possible to partially replace your roof, but it’s always best to take a more comprehensive approach.

Only Parts of Your Roof Are Damaged

You probably don’t have much to worry about if only a small portion of your roof is damaged. It’s possible to repair and restore function to your roof. However, the longer your roof has missing or torn materials, there can be more damage done to the roof’s decking and underlayment.

Only a Small Section Needs to be Replaced

Let’s say instead of losing just a few shingles or tiles, the damage is concentrated on one or two small sections. In such a case, your roof could be a candidate for partial replacement, but it all depends on the extent of damage.

What might look like a small patch job could turn out to be a serious problem. It’s important to have an experienced roof contractor make a close examination, look to see if there’s any hidden damage, and determine if partial replacement will extend your roof’s lifespan without causing future damage.

It’s generally a better idea to replace the entire roof if the damage is extensive and other layers such as the decking, framing, and underlayment have been affected.

A Large Section Needs to be Replaced

If your roof needs multiple sections or a large section replaced, it’s best to just go for a complete roof replacement. In fact, most professional roofers will not agree to partial roof replacement if more than half of your roof is damaged.

Having sections of roofs which are different ages will make repairs difficult. Most roofs are not designed to be split into sections. Doing so may create more points of failure and cause significant damage down the road.

The Drawbacks of Replacing Your Roof in Sections

If you go through with partial roof replacement, the roof will be made up of different aged portions. The older sections will need to be repaired and replaced sooner than the newer sections. This creates a cycle of uneven repairs, maintenance, and replacements.

You may choose to replace your roof in sections because you assume it will be cheaper. However, partial replacement can be just as expensive as replacing a whole roof. While partial replacement will take less materials, you’ll still have to pay for the roofing crew and all of their equipment. An entire roof replacement usually takes a day to do, so there isn’t any realistic time benefit to having sections of your roof replaced.

If any part of your roof is damaged, contact LB Solutions, LLC to determine your options and next steps.