Can you stick your tongue to a frozen flagpole in February without hurting your tongue? Can you reroof a Minnesota house in the winter?


Roofing really is a year-round industry, even in Minnesota. Some roofing materials, such as shingles, respond better to warmer weather, but just about any roofing product can be installed even when temperatures are low.

Temperature is not the primary issue with roofing installation; it is precipitation. A snowy or icy roof is not a safe place to work, and the roofing materials need to stay dry while workers install them.


For emergency roofing, you cannot always pick a warm, sunny day. If your Eden Prairie home has a leak or your Burnsville home has an unfortunate interruption by a falling limb, you need emergency roofing. Despite the cold weather.

A good, trustworthy local roofer can respond, often within a few hours, and at least cover the gaping hole with a well-fastened tarp (nailed cleats, not staples; folded edges, and a big enough tarp to rise over the roof ridge). It may not look particularly graceful, but it can save your home’s interior.

Energy Wise

Many roofers find themselves with so much time on their hands in winter, they operate plowing services to keep busy. Most would rather be roofing. A mid-winter roof replacement can make sense if you find your energy bills are outrageous.

With a new roof, you can opt for maximum energy efficiency, improving insulation value and preventing water infiltration. A well-installed, new slate, composite, or shingle roof can help lower your energy bills even with lowering temperatures.

Talk it Over

Can you reroof in the winter? Sure! Should you? We cannot tell you that. Talk to your local, trustworthy local roofer. Your situation is unique.

With a frank discussion between you and a truthful roofing contractor, you can decide if your finances, energy needs, and current roof’s condition warrant a December do-over, a January jump-start, or a February fix-up.

Of course, a new winter roof could make you the envy of the neighborhood. And isn’t that a warm feeling?

For reliable, honest answers to your winter roofing questions, please contact us at LB Solutions, LLC. We provide the Twin Cities, Edina, and the surrounding area with high quality, long-lasting roofing. We can help you decide if you need a roofing replacement, even in winter, or if the job can wait until spring.

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