If your home’s roof has experienced damage and needs repairs or replacement (whether a result of damage or age), then you’ll want to make sure that you hire a high-quality roofing company. The problem is that there are plenty of low-quality roofers out there who you’ll want to avoid. As a result, there are certain qualities you’ll want to look for in order to identify a reputable roofer that you can trust and rely on. One of these qualities is responsiveness.

The Importance of Responsiveness

First of all, when you contact a roofer, take note of how quickly they get back to you. If you’ve messaged them through their website or sent them an email and it takes them days to respond, it’s a red flag. Either they’re not bothered to get back to you right away or they’re too disorganized to realize that you’ve tried to message them. Neither of these are great signs that they will provide good customer service.

When interviewing a roofer, there are a few things you’ll want to look for to determine how responsive they are. Besides how easy it was for you to set up an interview, pay attention to how engaged they are. Are they asking questions about your needs? Do they answer your questions clearly and fully — or are they ignoring them or giving you vague answers? If you raise concerns, do they make an attempt to address them or do they just wave them off?

This is important because it will give you an idea of how responsive they will be during the actual project. A good roofer will make themselves available to you over the course of the work that they’re doing, meaning that any questions and concerns that you might have before, during, or after the completion of the project will be answered and addressed. A good roofer will provide you with contact information so that you can call someone with any questions or concerns you have at any time — and they will respond quickly. There’s nothing worse than not knowing who you’re supposed to speak to or feeling your questions and concerns don’t matter.

Responsiveness is an important part of good customer service, so pay attention to how roofers engage with you when you speak to them. For a free estimate, contact us at LB Solutions today.