Why Slate Roofing Gives Peace of Mind In MN Weather

Slate roofing tiles are built to last. While other types of roofing materials may last 20 years, slate tiles can last for a century and more. Moreover, they’re fire-resistant.


Slate roofs, as mentioned, provide a substantial barrier for your home. They remain unscathed under excessive amounts of snow and ice, and they’re virtually indestructible and resistant to chipping, warping, and breakage.

Energy Savings

The denseness of slate roofs helps provide energy savings as they withstand temperature changes – an important factor during the weather extremes of winter. You won’t need to worry about a failing thermostat as your home remains warm and comfortable.


Slate absorbs water very slowly and is unlikely to freeze during a harsh winter – which can lead to cracked roofs.
Another advantage of slate roofing is that it sheds snow and ice quickly. You won’t have a mountain of snow accumulating on your roof (and potential water leaks).

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