Roof replacement is something many homeowners face, especially if they live in northern regions that experience harsh winters. Minnesotans are no stranger to damage caused by wind, snow and ice, as winters in this state can be brutal.

Unfortunately, when the spring ushers in warmer weather, the full extent of the damage may be a painfully surprising revelation. On the other hand, initial damage isn’t always obvious during the spring–it could be some time before it becomes apparent. Rather than having to take a wait-and-see attitude, homeowners can learn to spot future trouble by recognizing signs that can only be observed in the wintertime.

3 Signs of Winter Roof Trouble

If you’re worried about your roofing, and believe winter weather is causing damage to the shingles, or worse, but you aren’t quite sure what to look for, take heart. Assessing the state of your roof can be done from the ground, if you know what to look for.

Ice dams

Heat escaping through the roof is not distributed evenly. This causes melting, dripping, pooling and refreezing in colder areas to form a dam. Melt water has no escape, except into your home.


Icicles hanging from the edge of your roof are a sure indication of heat loss, typically the result of poor insulation. The weight of icicles causes stress and rotting, and can pull both shingles and soffit apart.

Water damage stains

Water pooling and forming stains on an interior ceiling is an indisputable warning that your roof is leaking. But water stains may appear puzzling when visible on exterior walls, often as dark discolorations below flashing. This is the direct result of thermal expansion. A cycle of water freezing, thawing and freezing again can separate roofing media, creating an open door for more expansive damage.

You can find more information about winter roof damage by visiting informational sites such as HomeAdvisor.

Twin Cities-Edina Area Roofers

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